Stanley 1-79-206 Rolling Workshop – Modular with On Touch Latch Toolbox and Drawer

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Stanley 1-79-206 Rolling Workshop The Stanley 1-79-206 Rolling Workshop offers flexible storage on wheels. It splits 3 ways so you can spread the boxes out, move them to different locations, then clip them together and wheel them all off easily when the job is done. The top box has a carry handle, top storage and a single shallow drawer for screws etc in the base. The middle section has a carry handle and 2 drawers (1 deep and one shallow) and the base has a carry handle and front opening for deep storage. Features: Top: Toolbox with drawer, Mid: drawer shallow & deep, Bottom: Flip bin Portable detachable containers with a handle on top allowing for customising storage options and to carry only the options you need The top detachable toolbox has a drawer and one-hand operation latch 2 drawer storage unit with shallow & deep drawer Bottom flip bin with a back pocket for long tools storage (saw & level) Versatile organization for various sizes of tools and small parts Aluminium telescopic back handle for easy elevation The handle can be lowered for storage Heavy-duty ball-bearing slides for the drawers, offering a quality drawer sliding system with better grips and locking mechanism Heavy-duty 780mm wheels allow for easy on-site manoeuvrability