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Nova - Multi-Level Cooking Accessory Grill for 21 Inch



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Brand: Nova

The Multi-Level Cooking Accessory Grill for 21 Inch is a revolutionary, multi-level, half rack design that allows you to cook different foods in different styles at different temperatures all at the same time. The main rack will sit on top of the fire ring in your Kamado and can hold a lot of different items starting with the half moon heat deflectors which provides an indirect cooking surface perfect for cooking meats as it allows the heat to rise up around the edges and prevents the meat from burning. The next piece is an accessory rack which is ideal for sitting a drip pan on to collect drippings from whatever you are cooking. The half moon grills then sit on top to create an ideal cooking surface for baking, roasting, slow smoking, or low temperature cooking. Cook vegetables and meat separately by creating different heat zones by setting up an indirect cooking and direct cooking side or even elevate one grate for even lower temperature cooking. These tiered grates double your cooking space and put an end to overcrowding on the grill and eliminate burnt or underdone meals. If you also have the Kamado Pizza stone you can set up the accessory rack on top of the main rack, then put the half moon heat deflectors on top of this accessory rack and then put the pizza stone on top to cook high heat pizzas without burning the bottom of the crust. Product Features:Multi-level cooking platforms2 x Half Moon Heat Deflectors1 x Main Rack 1x Accessory Rack2 x Half Moon GrillsStainless steel Fits 21 Kamado