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Neudorff Super Strength Cat Repellent - 500 g


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Brand: Neudorff

Neudorffs Super Strength Cat Repellent is made from pure plant extracts encapsulated in clay-based mineral granules. Cats find the smell of the natural plant extract unpleasant and it drives them away without causing them or other animals like birds or dogs any harm. 0.5 % garlic oil (granulated) Contains natural materials to keep cats away Made from pure plant based oils encapsulated in clay based mineral granules The long lasting odour effectively drives cats away from back yards, terraces and areas where birds frequent Covers the territorial odours of other cats and makes the animals avoid the territory to be protected. Period of protection: approx. 3-4 weeks depending on the weather Application: Scatter granules evenly over the areas to be protected After heavy rain the areas should be treated again 500 g is sufficient for approx. 200 m. Packaging: 500 g shaker can

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