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5ft Serena Artificial Christmas Tree



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Brand: Swift

The 5ft Serena Artificial Christmas Tree would look great in any living room or grand hallway. This timeless tree authentically replicates the Serena Pine for a realistic looking tree. At 5ft tall this tree is a great size for whichever room you choose to be the focus of your Christmas festivities. This tree features a 3-part hinged design which offers much easier assembly and dis-assembly over a hooked design. Simply connect the base and pole, unfold the branches and re-position them to your liking. This tree is made using PVC bottle-brush branches. Using harder bottle-brush needles results in a much fuller and more realistic appearance when compared to soft needles. This tree comes with a folding metal stand which will support the tree in your chosen position. This tree can be used indoors or outdoors. Please note: if using outdoors you may experience some oxidisation of any exposed metal parts. However, this should have no effect on the product's durability or expected lifespan.Product Features:5ftPVC Bottle-Brush BranchesCollapsible, Hinged BranchesEasy to AssembleFoldable Stand IncludedIndoor & Outdoor Use

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